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With a fleet of 36 N2 trailers we have something that will suit your needs. Whether it’s a frac requiring 1 million SCM of product.

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We have been hauling Anhydrous Ammonia for over 25 years. We haul from the supplier to the dealer for agricultural customers.

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Other services

Pro-N2 is ideally situated in the heart of Alberta near a multitude of propane facilities. We will haul the raw material (NGL) to the separation facility.

In our time and age, it is very important to improve the economy in any way that we can. It is absolutely vital. One of the industries that many are still unaware of and which gives a considerable boost to the economy everywhere is the frac sand industry.  The discussion about what it actually is Frac Sand Transportation Services Alberta

Things to know about Frac Sand Transportation Services Alberta

Frac sand is actually a subtype of extremely crush-resistant and durable quartz sand which is used widely by the petroleum industry. It has been used by it for many years, for a certain process that is known by the name of hydraulic drilling. According to this process, a well is drilled into the part of the rock that has petroleum and which needs to fracture in order to get it. After this is done, a mix of chemicals and sand is introduced along with water. This mix is pumped or introduced into the well at high pressure, which creates positive fracture on the rock surfaces. Through these cracks, natural gas and oil is released. As you can understand, frac sand is one of the most important ingredients in this process. There are numerous companies all around the world that swear by the effectiveness of frac sand, along with many Frac Sand Transportation Services Alberta.


Some another factor about Frac Sand Transportation Services


The popularity of frac sand has never been higher. Did you know? that there has been a 50% boost in the consumption of frac sand, with energy companies leading the way. Actually, energy companies buy more than 95 billion pounds of sand per year. One method that has been incredibly effective in the increase of production of frac sand is super fracking. Super fracking is a type of fracking technique that is all about the use of using a greater amount of frac sand for creating more and larger cracks in hard rock surfaces. These are useful in areas for the faster output of oil and gas. Did you know? that super-fracking as a process is responsible for more than 30% increase in the output of oil and gas. Because of this, some of Wall Street’s biggest earners are the frac sand companies.

If you as a company want quality frac sand, then you also need agencies for transporting it to you safely. Thus, we recommend Frac Sand Transportation Services Alberta.

Pro-N2 has a variety of decks and configurations that will meet most of your needs required for Machinery and Equipment Hauling Alberta and/ or general freight. We can winch your dead vehicle onto our tilt deck, we can drive your excavator onto our ultra-low RGN, or we can haul something manufactured.

Basic features of  Machinery and Equipment Hauling Alberta

We travel all of Canada as well as the United States, so if you bought something at an auction, sold an item and need it hauled across the country, or over the border, we can help to give you best services.

 Getting your Machinery equipment around the block

Preparing your equipment properly for the shipping, you would be able to avoid unnecessary damage. Besides, often overweight and oversized equipment and tools require some additional preparations to ensure it can be transported safely.
To learn more about our Machinery & Equipment Hauling Alberta, you can give us a call. You can also request information about our heavy haul trucking company by writing to us.

For those last-minute requirements where you need something taken to the field, but don’t have the manpower, we can use our truck whether it be a tandem or a tri-drive to pull your trailer. If it’s a few hours or a couple of weeks, we are available for tractor service. Our Tractor service Alberta having a professional approach to getting the best services for you in all aspects.

 Chose us  for Tractor Service Alberta

Our insurance policy includes non-owned trailer coverage, so your equipment is covered while we are pulling it.

Do you need your cargo conveyed on-time?

Would you like to manage a tractor service that gives financially savvy and expert administration?
We have a devoted armada of sleeper/highway units prepared to benefit anyplace in Alberta Canada. We likewise have straight trucks that administration both the Alberta, Edmonton and Calgary district.

Reason for  Pick Pro-N2 as your Tractor Service Alberta Supplier?

•Peace of mind realizing that your conveyance will be on-time, without fail.

•We are a fortified bearer giving predictable administration at the most elevated standard.

  •  Professional, profession arranged drivers.
  •   New equipment and facilities.

•We are  Tractor service specialists. Family-owned and established in Alberta since long years. Back with full of experience, we’ve been working crosswise over Alberta, Canada for more than 10 years.

• Deal with a free nearby business that will adjust to your transportation needs, whatever and wherever they might be.


We offer a dedicated Scrap meal service, Alberta. For the last 10 years, we have been supplying industrial customers, as well as farmers, with a solution for their scrap metal service Alberta or their old equipment. Whether it is on a continual basis at a fabrication shop, or someone is just doing a yard cleanup, we have bins that we provide free of charge. If the project is big enough, we can provide excavators, end dumps and a metal baler. With these vehicles, we are sure that your enterprise shall be benefitted. The quality of our bins is second to none.

Why you hire us for scrap metal service in Alberta

We process the scrap metal, separate the non-ferrous, and then we haul it to end users or other supply facilities where it gets furthered prepared for re-use. With the aid of this process, we save time and energy, bringing more efficiency into the job.



Fast Hauling Service

We stick to our commitment of providing fast & safe hauling service to our customers. Count on us to get the fastest hauling service.

Safety And Reliability

We are fully insured and maintain our fleet to the highest standards for reliability, safety & performance.

Shipping Across Canada & US

We offer wide range of custom shipping & supply chain management solutions across Canada and the United States. Take a look at our great shipping rates today!