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Licensed Mechanical Facility

Not only is it important to us that our trucks look good, but it is important to us that they are well maintained. In order to provide top-notch service, we have a crew of both journeyman and apprentice mechanics that keep our equipment running smoothly. We do everything from washing, regular services, out of province inspections, to completely overhauling a project truck. We have a 7200 square-foot washbay with four high-pressure pumps, a large parts inventory, and a 7200 square-foot service shop. At Pro-N2, we realize the inconvenience and the frustration of breaking down on the road, so we also offer a callout service.

Scrap Metal Service Alberta

For the last 10 years, we have been supplying industrial customers, as well as farmers, with a solution for their scrap metal service alberta or their old equipment. Whether it is on a continual basis at a fabrication shop, or someone is just doing a yard cleanup, we have bins that we provide free of charge. If the project is big enough, we can provide excavators, end dumps and a metal baler.

The best reasons for why you hire us for scrap metal service in Alberta

We process the scrap metal, separate the non-ferrous, and then we haul it to end users or other supply facilities where it gets furthered prepared for re-use.

Equipment Hauling

Pro-N2 has a variety of decks and configurations that will meet most of your needs required for hauling equipment and/ or general freight. We can winch your dead vehicle onto our tilt deck, we can drive your excavator onto our ultra low RGN, or we can haul something manufactured. We travel all of Canada as well as the United States,so if you bought something at an auction, sold an item and need it hauled across the country, or over the border,we can help.

Propane / Butane / NGL

Pro-N2 is ideally situated in the heart of Alberta near a multitude of propane facilities. We will haul the raw material (NGL) to the separation facility, as well as the spec product (propane/butane) out. Whether a super B is required to service a mine in Ontario, a a distributor on an island in British Columbia, or if you’re our neighbours to the south and you need a tandem, we have the experience and the equipment necessary to service your needs.