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  • Email: dispatch@pron2.ca


Need something ASAP? From a single axle hooklift, to a tandem tridem picker with a trailer, we will get your item moving.

Tractor Service

For those last-minute requirements where you need something taken to the field, but don’t have the man power, we can use our truck whether it be a tandem or a tri drive to pull your trailer. If it’s a few hours, or a couple of weeks, we are available. Our insurance policy includes non-owned trailer coverage, so your equipment is covered while we are pulling it.

Frac Sand

With our growing fleet of hopper bottom trailers we can assist in getting Frac sand from the supplier to the location in a timely matter. We can move the entire project requirements, or we can assist other companies when the tonnage requirements are too great for any one company.


We currently have 5 Co2 trailers in our fleet. We have tri tri configurations to maximize weights for our Canadian customers, as well as tandems for hauling to the US. Each unit is equipped with hydraulically driven 4” pumps

Nitrogen Hauling

With a fleet of 36 N2 trailers we have something that will suit your needs. Whether it’s a frac requiring 1 million SCM of product, or a welding shop requiring a few thousand SCM, we will make it work for you. We have everything from Tri -Tri configurations, which are optimal in the Canadian oilfield, to tandem tandem units that are great for our US customers. Pro-N2 will supply you with product, or we will haul your product.